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Our first market day will be July 8th.

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Each market day will only be $15 or the entire season will be $75. 

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Vendors will need to provide their own tables, tents and chairs, and are responsible for trash removal.  Vendors will also need to make sure they are compliant with all laws regarding what they sell. 

The undersigned below grants permission for The Colton Market to use any and all photos, videotape, etc. taken of vendor product or of vendor and vendor help, in any and all publicity and advertising promoting The Colton Market. The undersigned further agrees that he/she indemnify and hold harmless The City of Colton, The Colton Market  market coordinators, market managers, other vendors, and volunteers from any and all liabilities, damages, cost & expenditures, including all legal fees, which may arise from the operation of The Colton Market.  I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree to having read and understood The Colton Market rules and regulations; this is a binding contract, and that I, the vendor and my help will abide by the rules and regulations set forth by The Colton Market.